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Andy Turnbull
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For nearly forty years Andy Turnbull worked as a reporter, editor and freelance writer for newspapers and magazines across Canada and around the world.

In that time he interviewed dozens of scholars, politicians and bureaucrats who explained how the world works, but even as he reported the pundits' ideas he knew they were wrong.

Events have confirmed his judgment. In the past 20 years real incomes in Canada have dropped by more than 20%, too many of our homes and families have broken up, beggars and homeless people have appeared on the streets of our cities and Canada has begun the long slide from wealth to poverty.

Four years ago Turnbull began to write a book to show us the way back.

"The Cassandra Papers" explains a common sense view of economics that has been lost in the pomposities of scholastics, and it offers a fresh new look at the world we live in.

It explains why in the past 50 years Canada slipped from wealth to affluence and why, in another 50 years, we will probably be poor.

But it also shows how a few simple changes in our tax structure could bring us back from the brink, and set us on the road to recovery.

The Cassandra Papers is published and available for sale but you can also down-load it here, or read the parts that interest you most. To see what it's all about, click on The Cassandra Papers.

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